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Weston Pant | Pattern RElease

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Three ways of experiencing The Bold One

Here at tbo things are a little different to the status quo. Scroll down to check out the options to see which suits you: The Bold One Sewing Patterns, Rentals, and Made to order

Freedom wearing linen Fredy Wrap on a New Zealand wind swept hill

The Bold One


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Freedom wearing linen Rossi Wrap on a New Zealand beach

The Bold One


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Rossi Wrap: Deep Square, Standard shoulder strap

The Bold One


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The Story

Why are there three options? In her honours year, tbo designer Freedom researched into the negative impacts The Fashion Industry has on the environment. It was then she swore she would never have a run-of-the-mill fashion label that produced masses of material goods for profit.

She wanted to show that there are other ways to buy into a brand that had considerably lower consequences to the planet, and encouraged a stronger connection to a piece of clothing. Explore the pages above to see the different options.

"I wore your dress at work today and have never had so many compliments on anything I’ve worn before. It’s so so beautiful and I’m so pleased with it… literally 30 seconds ago someone else stopped me in the street to tell me they loved it.” - Kerry

"My dress arrived yesterday and I am absolutely in love with it. It is so beautiful, so beautifully made, and it feels incredible and looks amazing! Thanks you so so much." – Brenna

“Hey Freedom! My dress arrived yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks so much, I can’t wait to wear it (and also order more at some point!)” - Bella

“Just wanted to thank you for my dress! It arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to wear it so wore it to work today and just felt so amazing all day plus got heaps of compliments! Will definitely be ordering another piece off you at some point I can see myself living in this one already!” - Alyse

“My skirt arrived and I am so so happy with the end result The length and fit is perfect and exactly how I wanted and imagined it to look. Thank you so much. Cannot wait to get my next piece!” - Danielle

“Hey! I received my dress and I am blown away! It’s gorgeous. I love it so much, thank you. I’ll definitely be a returning customer” - Laura