The Bold One's Story

The Bold One originated with small beginnings in the year of 2014, in my final year of college.

It came from creating a two piece for my school’s athletics day where dressing up in house colours was a must, yet I had started at a new school and didn’t have my new house colour (DRAMA). Down I went to the local op shop, found some second hand fabric, and whipped something up. Friends and pairs were in love, so I decided to set up a facebook page to create and sell from, shared it to a couple of facebook pages and well, the rest it history. I have even kept posts up on my social media of my original work which you can find if you scroll through! I enjoy looking back at the journey.

My interest in creating ‘sustainable’ fashion grew organically through out my studies at University where my eyes were opened to what horrible state the fashion industry is in, and the change that needs to happen. See more on this and the behind the scenes in what goes into your piece in my 'Sustainability’ page.

I often get asked about the meaning behind my brands name. The name 'The Bold One' originally came about because I felt it had this sense of power to it. I was a teenager when this all began and I feel I was drawn to the name as it was almost like another identity I didn’t quite have yet but I wanted. I think my brand and I grew into its name over the years, and I’ve realised the name pushed me to take it to where it is now so I thank my easy going teenage self for choosing a name I would need to live up to.
For instance: The piece that took TBO to the next level actually nearly didn’t get put out to you. I was overthinking as I usually would, should I do this design line here or there etc, and I nearly gave up. Luckily I had this overwhelming realisation that I was sick of my inaction. I realised I just had to do it, be bold and do the thing - If they don’t like it and I fail then I’ll just design something else, but I won’t know until I do it.
And so I sewed up the first Rossi Wrap and i don’t think I could have even dreamt up the response that one dress got. And it was then when I realised we just need to be bold, trust ourselves and do the thing. I could have so easily let the bad unproductive thoughts get to me and not put myself out there, but I’m so grateful I did. I guarantee we all have unlimited potential in all of us but if we don’t act, do the thing and be bold nothing will ever happen and people will miss out on what we have to offer. So be bold, bold ones and do the thing, because fortune truly does favour the bold.

And now I want to say a little bit about you, my customers. As many of you know, each style is named after a customer who has supported this label. And it is a representation of not only how grateful I am for all of my customers love towards what I do, but the fact that my customers are my label. Without you, there would be no bold one.So here’s a little write up about who each of my styles are named after: 
The Rossi Wrap
Named after my sister and customer, who just had to get a mention. She is an absolute boss in her work and at life, one of my biggest supporters, and someone who I have always looked up to. Much love for you big sis.
The Gracie Wrap
Named after two lovely customers Gracie and Grace who ordered pieces from The Bold One during Level 4 Lockdown of COVID-19 2020. This style will always be a reminder of the gratitude I hold for the love and support that was given to The Bold One at this time.
The Fredy Wrap
The Fredy Wrap, yet another style crafted up in the lockdown period of 2020. Before the launch of the website, I took on around 50 orders during the lock down period, and then of course had to put a pause on that so I could craft them up. And you know what? The lovely Fredy was three of those orders. Fredy had ordered both a Gracie and a Rossi Wrap for herself, and a Rossi Wrap for her mum. How can lovely customers like this not make my day!?
The Charlotte Skirt
Named after the original customer of this style - Charlotte. This style was created for a collection when at University, and became a staple piece in The Bold One’s wardrobe. Whilst wearing it out and about, I was stopped by a lovely stranger who had to know where I got my skirt from. Long story short, this was the lovely Charlotte who went on to order and receive her own skirt that matched the original, and so the creation of many Charlotte Skirts began. It’s kind strangers like Charlotte who will make your day while wearing The Bold One pieces. 
The Emma Crop
Named after a friend who has supported The Bold One like no other. I have almost lost count of the number of pieces she has acquired, curating her own mini collection. The Emma Crop was originally designed for her to match her ‘Charlotte Skirt’ for work. Majority of the pieces that are available now were actually inspired by this style, as this crop is where the wrap style began. Always grateful for costumers like Emma who are on going supporters of The Bold One. 
The Lydia Crop
Lydia is another beautiful customer who ordered one of the very first Fredy Wraps. It was made to a custom length for her to suit and she looks so effortlessly sweet in it. Yet another TBO piece out there that is bound to be a staple in the wardrobe.