FAQs Answered: The Bold One Sewing Patterns

See answers to commonly asked FAQs below. PLEASE read the instructions included in the download before working with your patterns, if you have made a purchase, as this solves many questions ❤️

Q: What is the difference between The Gracie Wrap Bundle, and The Rossi & Fredy Bundle? 
A: A great question! See the page here for a quick overview.

Q: I bought the Gracie Bundle, but cannot see all my customisations? 
A: It is vital to read the PDF instructions that come in your download (named 'Read me first') before printing / working with your pattern. In here you will find on page 13, how to select your different customisations. 

Q: My customisations won't save, and it reverts back to the original file? 
A: Since the first release of the pattern, we have adapted slightly how you work with the file. Do not attempt to save your file with your new customisations selected, as the layers will indeed revert to the original once you reopen it with the free version of adobe acrobat.

For A4 and Projector files, simply select your customisations, and work or print straight from there. For A0, there are no layers to your files as you want to send it straight to print and you can then trace off or cut out your customisations. 


Q: Gracie Wrap: I want to sew a V back or boat neck back, but I don't understand how to connect back facing pieces #1 & #2? 
A: A simple video tutorial has been uploaded to The Bold One's Youtube, see here. However, if you would rather a simple fix, simply cut out another back main bodice piece for your back facing instead (can be in another fabric as it will be on the inside). This will work just as well - the two back facing pieces are just for detail on the inside, and to frame a label if you put one in. 

Q: Gracie Wrap: My Sleeve looks like it won't gather to fit into the armhole 
A: Our Sleeve notches and pattern files have been updated early February. If you have a print out from before then, your current sleeve files are absolutely fine to use and the notches can simply be re marked on them once printed. Please find your size in the below list, and use its corresponding measurement to remark the gathering notch on the front and back.

Measure from the side seam, towards the peak of the sleeve head (see Blue curve in image): 
Size 6 -12: 15.2cm
Size 14: 16cm
Size 16: 17.6cm
Size 18: 17.2cm
Size 20: 17.8cm
Size 22: 18.4cm
Size 24: 19cm
Size 26: 19.6cm
Size 28: 20.2cm
Size 30: 20.8cm

Q: Gracie Wrap: Do I fold my darts up or down when sewing the armhole? 
A: You want to have your darts folded down. This is especially important for the D+ Bra Cup Bodices as the dart cap is purposely larger to be caught in the armhole and side seam when folded down.