Q: Can I have my dress / skirt custom length to suit my height?
You sure can, because I totally understand the struggles of something too short or too long when it’s pre made. The bliss of made-to-order am I right?! You will see when choosing the details for your piece on its product page, you will put in your height and where you want your piece to come to. Using your height and the detail of where you want it to finish, your piece is crafted a perfect length for you!

Q: Can I wear a jacket over the billowed sleeves that some of the pieces have?
A: Of course! The sleeves are billowed, but tapered down towards the wrist so its perfect matched with a blazer or jacket for work.

Q: Will you be doing plus sizes?
A: I sure am. I offer sizes 4-20 in the Lydia, Gracie and Fredy styles. In the other styles, I offer sizes 4-16. 

Q: Does the wrap style work for all shapes and sizes? 
A: The wrap looks great with any body shape I believe, and my customers believe. With the wrap it means you can pull in to suit, and it creates a cinched in waist look. Then, with the gathers out underneath this means the fabric falls beautifully over the hips! It’s a win for whatever beautiful body shape you have. If you aren't wanting to accentuate the bust so much, you can tie the wraps to the back instead of around the front. 

Q: Will other colours be available?
 For the release, Tui Teal, Burnt Orange, Duck Egg, Olive, oatmeal and Blue check will be available. For future releases I will adapt the options depending on what is most requested! So let me know if there is a colour way you are after, and if enough are after it too I will be able to order it in! My email is: freedom@theboldone.co.nz 

Q: Do you ship overseas?
A: Currently I ship New Zealand-wide and internationally to Australia. I will be looking into world wide shipping for future releases!

Didn't quite find the answer to your question? Feel free to flick me an email at freedom@theboldone.co.nz and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!