The Rossi Wrap + Fredy Wrap Pattern 'Bundle' (2 for 1)
Fredy Wrap: V neck Short puff sleeves
Fredy Wrap: Boat Neck Long Shirred Sleeves
The Rossi Wrap + Fredy Wrap Pattern 'Bundle' (2 for 1)
Rossi Wrap: Deep Square, Standard shoulder strap
Fredy Wrap: Boat Neck, Short Puff Sleeves

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The Rossi Wrap + Fredy Wrap Pattern 'Bundle' (2 for 1)

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The Rossi Wrap & Fredy Wrap Pattern '2 for 1 bundle' is now live! Crafting for personal use only / gifts. These styles will be transferred over from The Bold One's tried and tested made to measure service, ready for your creative hands! Recommended for advanced confident beginner + 

Style description of the Fredy Wrap (View B): 
- Size 6-30 included (up to 141cm / 55.5inch bust) 
- Princess panelled dress section (6 easy sew panels throughout incorporating dart shaping, slim through the waist, fullness in skirt) 
- Short and long sleeve options 
- Multiple neckline options as seen in images: V , Deep Square, Boat Neck, Standard Square 
- Inseam pockets
- Leg split or no leg split option 
- Lengths catered for different heights 150cm - 171cm+ 
- Different waist wrap options to be sewn into the dress / separate
- How to sew a Fredy Wrap video will be uploaded. Mini videos with steps.

Style description of the Rossi Wrap (View A): 
- As above, but sleeveless 

- Standard shoulder strap or shoulder ties finish option

This pattern will have incorporated in over 200 at home sewing pattern users suggestions for the perfect pattern, along with being tested before the files sent out to you.

Level: Confident Beginner +

This style is a relaxed fit, pull over your head style with no tricky closures such as zips or button holes. There may be some finishes such as inseam pockets you haven’t done before, but for that reason a how to video, along with written + detailed illustrations to reference will be included. If you have a friend or family member who sews who you can all on for any questions is a bonus, or my emails are open.  

Included in the PDF + Projector Pattern download

- A4 layered PDF (uploaded by 22nd May)
- AO Single layer PDF (for ease of sending to print) 
- Projector layered PDF (Uploaded by 22nd May - see details below) 
- Written instructions with thorough illustrations 
- Link to the step by step Video / how to finish the different options.
- Different skirt length options to suit your height. 
- Multiple neckline, sleeve, waist sash options 
- Cutting notes
- How to measure, Lay plan, tools needed, printing instructions, Size chart, finished garment measurements, printing instructions, A4 layout example.
- How to style the waist wraps 

You will receive the similar content, but catered to the Rossi Wrap + Fredy Wrap pattern, as the Gracie Wrap Pattern bundle. So to get a better feel, click here to watch the video on what is included in The Gracie Wrap Pattern bundle for a feel on what you will get for this pattern. 


Specifics in the Projector pattern:

Large canvas + borders for scrolling, patterns centred down the page the orientation and order they should be cut, all patterns on the full with a centre line incase cutting on fold is desired, full grid layer, thicker lines than standard to be visible when cutting. Click here for a walk through of the GRACIE WRAP pattern file + look at the projector pattern to get an idea what the Rossi / Fredy Wrap pattern will include. 

Difference between the Rossi + Fredy and Gracie bundles

The Rossi Wrap + Fredy Wrap Bundle: 
Ready to sew with, files sent immediately after purchase. A4 / Projector files uploaded by 22nd May. 
Long mid shin + ankle length, has sleeveless option (Rossi Wrap) 'princess panels' throughout the dress, meaning the front and back have 3 easy sew panels each to create slimness through the waist, and fullness added into the panels on the skirt section, with the dart being shaped into these panels. Because of these panels you will also be able to easily add a leg split if you wish, and it creates an elegant shape when waist ties pulled to the back.

Gracie Wrap Bundle: 
Ready to sew with, files sent immediately after purchase 
Mid thigh + Above the knee length. Darted bodice, sleeves, gathered skirt that sews to bodice. This creates fullness for the mid thigh/above the knee length skirt. 

Feedback is that customers who already have the Gracie are now excited to play with something new! 52% of customers for this pattern are returners. Recent Rossi / Fredy customer: "Midway through crafting the Gracie at the moment, and love the Fredy design!"


This pattern is available in sizes 6-30. Customers will receive ALL sizes in your pattern files. 

Fabric Requirements

Fabric amounts needed for a woven fabric of 140cm width:

Fredy Wrap 
SIZE 6-14: 
Customer Height 150cm-170cm with Long shirred sleeves = 4.60m 
Customer Height 150cm-170cm with Short Puff sleeves  = 4.15m
Customer Height 171cm+ with long shirred sleeves = 4.90
Customer Height 171cm+ with Short Puff sleeves = 4.45
SIZE 16-30: 
Customer Height 150cm-170cm with Long shirred sleeves = 4.90m 
Customer Height 150cm-170cm with Short Puff sleeves  = 4.45m
Customer Height 171cm+ with long shirred sleeves = 5.30
Customer Height 171cm+ with Short Puff sleeves = 4.85

Rossi Wrap
SIZE 6-14: 
Customer Height 150cm-170cm= 3.80m 
Customer Height 171cm+ = 4.10m
SIZE 16-30: 
Customer Height 150cm-170cm= 4.10
Customer Height 171cm+ = 4.45 

My hope is that everyone who creates with these patterns continues our pledge to only use natural fabrics; linen, hemp, cotton (organic cotton if you can), OR repurposed or second hand material if that isn’t in your budget (thrift shop finds are some of my favourite, who would ever guess you can make such beautiful pieces out of duvet covers / sheets!). I promise it is worth it and will mean your dress will last that much longer, and is kinder to the planet and the humans who craft your fabrics. 

What other customers say about The Rossi + Fredy Wrap

"I wore the Rossi to work today and have never had so many compliments on anything i have worn before. It's so so beautiful... 30 seconds ago someone else stopped me in the street to tell me they loved it!" - Rossi Wrap Made to order Customer 

"What can I say. The dress fits perfectly and looks absolutely stunning! Thank you so much, I know I will keep trying it on all day and can't wait for an occasion to take it out!" - Fredy Wrap Made to order Customer 

"Ohhhh my goodness. I have a decent collection of linen dresses but this absolutely take the cake. I feel so damn gorgeous!!" - Fredy Wrap Made to Order Customer


Being a product that is emailed to you automatically once you place your order, as with most pdf patterns, this product is non refundable. However please do email if you have any issues with your order.